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June 02, 2009


Josie King

Love your blog! You need to post more though HAHAHA!


Thank you for helping me out. :) I see that your blog looks a lot like mine... I started a 365 for Cailyn back in July and only made it to the end of August. Whoops.

Anyway, I really enjoy posting with you on DSD. You always have great advice and your little ones are just too cute!


Love the work you have been doing. Gives me some new ideas.


So this is a BLOG, ha, ha! Girl you are so talented. And when you put your mind/time to it you can make anything...and super well!!!


Trotting over here from DSD. I barely know anyone (still a newbie), so learning what you mamas can make is awesome. Your work is beautiful, and your little ones are adorable =)
~Kristi (godink)


I enjoyed looking at your pictures on flickr. Your rainbow roving is gorgeous. I've been meaning to tell you that!
-Monique (the Trimsies Monique)

Rebecca (wiredupweb)

You need to blog more Ginny so we can drool over your fabulous stuff!
Oh my gosh, I think these are my fave earrings you've ever made:
And your red and orange roving is so purdy...is there nothing you don't do well??!!

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